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Fun Promotion is a leading toy company with in-store video and video displays.
Since 2007 we have put more than 30,000 units of our famous NDU Video Displays on the market.

NDU Product features:

– Extremely High Quality display with 7-inch digital video screen.

– High Temperature Components for longevity and heavy duty (24/7) usage.

– Super fast sell through and high Return On Investment

– Super easy to operate, auto-run function, easy to assemble.

Other Sales Tools:

We also have a lot of experience with other tools like Floor Displays, Metal Racks with larger LED screens, End/Side Caps, Power Wings, PDQ’s, bins and baskets and also anything custom made to your desire.

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Who we are

Founded in 1978, Fun Promotion (you can just call us Fun) has grown into a strong, vibrant international toy company.

FUN is currently present in more than 30 countries, owner of several original brands, selling either directly or through exclusive distributors to a wide range of (toy) retailers

We bring back original brand names success items from the past, completely adjusted to nowadays style, design, appearance, and latest toy safety standards.

All of our items come with (a broad set of) marketing tools that stimulate and boost an extremely fast sell through. Our focus is in-store marketing and top notch presentation.

Furthermore, our products have a high ‘Fun Factor’ and always come with the best quality videos to be used for a wide range of media purposes, both in and out of store.

Here is a list of our key focus points, believes and values:

  • focus on helping you sell through fast (great items, best prices, marketing tools and our experience);
  • listening to our customers and thinking along in possibilities can bring out the best;
  • good relations with our customers are very important to us
  • focus on presentation, design, quality and toy safety –  a complete package results in a complete success;
  • We like toys and playing with them – in that perspective we are just grown up children 😊


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